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YOU and I

We are all here on this earth at this time
to be friends not strangers,
to do good not harm,
to share love and not hate,
to have courage and not feel fear,
to choose the right and shun the wrong,
to live and grow in light and not suffer and die in darkness,
to forgive and forget and not hold on to blame and hurt,
to hold hands and not to fight,
to share what we have and who we are with one another,
not to hide and strip the world of the blessings we could offer.

May we be one, you and I.

Jace Carlton

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When you know who you are;
when your mission is clear
and you burn with the inner fire of unbreakable will;
no cold can touch your heart;
no deluge can dampen your purpose.
You know that you are alive.

Chief Seattle

Catherine Ladensack

It's the only planet with chocolate!
James Odle, Jr.

Here is the test to find out whether your mission on earth is finished:
If you're still alive, it isn't.

Richard Bach

Dawn Hunt

Ah, good ol' "Mission: Impossible"!
"Your mission, Jim, should you decide to accept it, will be to ... "
We ALL have a mission, a purpose, for why we are alive at this time,
in our own individual families and communities.
It's imperative that, if we haven't already discovered what our mission is,
we must not waste another moment in doing so.
The sooner we discover it,
the sooner we can begin to make a difference,
and fulfill the purpose for why we are here.

Jace Carlton

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Vision is not enough.
It must be combined with venture.
It is not enough to stare up the steps,
we must step up the stairs.

Vaclav Havel

The past does not equal the future.
Because you may have failed a moment ago,
all day today,
or for the last six months,
or for the last sixteen years,
or the last fifty years of your life
doesn't mean anything.
All that matters is
what are you going to do now?!

Anthony Robbins

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Never compromise a dream.  Do what you must.
The fears, beasts, and mountains before you are part of the plan.
Stepping stones to a promised land.
To a time and place that is so much closer than you even expect.
So don't let your eyes deceive, for even as you read these words,
your ship swiftly approaches!
Mike Dooley

You must go after your wish.
As soon as you start to pursue a dream,
your life wakes up and everything has meaning.

Barbara Sher

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The man who craves disciples and wants followers
is always a charlatan.
The man of genuine worth and insight wants to be himself,
and he wants others to be themselves also.

Elbert Hubbard

Be who you are and say what you feel
because those who mind don't matter
and those who matter don't mind.

Dr. Seuss


Lani O'Connor

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Youth is, after all, just a moment ...
but it is the moment,
the spark that you always carry in your heart.

Raisa Gorbachev

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Copyright © 2005-2013, Jace Carlton.  All International Rights Reserved.