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If the sight of the blue sky
fills you with joy ...
If the simple things of nature
have a message that you understand ...
for your soul is alive!

Eleonora Duse

Lynn Hand

Do not look for rest in any pleasure,
because you were not created for pleasure:
you were created for joy.
And if you do not know the difference between pleasure and joy
you have not yet begun to live.

Thomas Merton

Used with permission
Ron Atchison

There is no greater joy
nor greater reward
than to make a fundamental difference
in someone's life.

Sister Mary Rose McGeady

Strive to be happy
and carry that happiness with you throughout each day.
Days will become a week,
weeks become a season,
seasons become a year,
and years become a lifetime.

To be joyful for a lifetime,
begin by being happy today.

Jace Carlton

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Take the initiative and the lead the way -
you can make a difference


The world is blessed most by those who do things,
and not by those who merely talk about them.
James Oliver

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